Redstone Plugins

The new Unturned plugins marketplace solution for everyone.

Find all the plugins you always wanted in one place!

We will not limit the plugins you can create or the ones you can upload. No excuses, just create.


You can find top quality plugins made by developers who work with us.


Fully integrated and extendable third-party plugins that you will love.


Get your plugins whitelisted in the easier way as soon as possible.


You will love how easy is to understand our plugins.

The best marketplace for plugins

Redstone Plugins has been developed to give to the people other marketplace to look at. We think that competitivity is good to improve services and that's the reason why we will never ever never restrict you what plugin you can create and post*.

Also, we want to be sure that we can offer the best service to our clients and developers, giving them all the tools that they can may be find useful, as the Automatic Whitelist is.

Ready to use

Once you pay for your plugin you will get your license at the moment if the developer has activated the "Auto-Whitelist" in the shop.

Plugins Automatic Whitelist Easy to use

Integrated payment gateways

We offer PayPal as the principal Payment Gateway. We are working on bringing other systems to our website!


Redstone Loader

Our Loader will do everything for you! You just need to add your secret keys to get access to your plugins!

Rocket Plugins Redstone Loader

Do you want to be part of Redstone Plugins?

Cause if you do and you know how to code nice useful plugins, you can. Hit the button below to fill the form and we will contact you as soon as we read it. It is needed to be in our Discord to join the team.

Some developers who work with us